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Maple Sugar (granulated)

   1. Heat 1 cup maple syrup to roughly 40 degrees above the boiling point of water

   2. Pour into bowl and begin stirring (electric mixer works well)

   3. Stir, stir, stir

   4. Once the steam stops coming off, it's sugar

   5. It will be lumpy, requiring sifting

   6. Once sifted, spread out onto baking sheet to cool

   7.Once cool, store in airtight container

   8. Use as you would cane sugar

Maple Cream

   1. Heat syrup to around 235 degrees

   2. Cool to 40 degrees

   3. Stir, stir, stir

   4. It will lighten in color and start to lose its shine

   5. Once it has significantly lightened, become dull, and holds its shape slightly, it is ready

   6. Quickly pour into airtight container and store in refrigerator

   7. Separation may occur, simply stir prior to use

*makes a wonderful topping for fry bread!

Uses for Maple Syrup

   1. Use as a topping for oatmeal and other hot cereals

   2. Use in place of caramel on vanilla ice cream

   3. Stir into plain Greek yogurt and top with uncooked oats or chia seeds

   4. Use in rubs for smoked meats

   5. Sauté chicken and other foods

   6. Use as a binder and sweetener in homemade granola

   7. Use in place of sugar in any recipe (keep in mind that when using liquid maple syrup the mixture will be much runnier; cut back on the total amount of liquids called for in the recipe) or use granulated maple sugar in a 1:1 ratio

   8. Maple Syrup is a vegan food

   9. Add to smoothies as a healthy sweetener

   10. Add to homemade bread recipes

   11. Use in homemade salad dressings

   12. Use in place of refined sugar in coffee

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